The Natural Solution

Every lady knows that looking your best and feeling your best don’t always go hand in hand. With high heels, binding clothes, and uncomfortable accessories the term “fashion victim” is sometimes all too real. Since 1985, our goal has been to develop a line of bras and bra accessories designed to make you look and feel your best... in any outfit. Today our catalogue offers 9 different solution bras and a wide array of bra accessories for women who are ready to unleash that inner-fashionista and take control over their wardrobe!

Featured Items

Here's a sneak peak at some of our hottest products this season. For all the details, visit the products page or download our catalogue. Click here to watch a video clip by MCPete.
Foam Bra Strap Pad
These bra strap pads create a comfy cushion to protect your shoulders from...
Clear Bra Strap Holder - 16mm
These tiny little wonders keep your straps out of sight and give a little...
The Natural Solution Bra
The removable straps and low back converter give you the flexibility to create...

About Us

We have been supplying the apparel industry and fashion stylists with unique solution bras and bra accessories for over 20 years. Each product is a response to the everyday challenges a woman may encounter in her wardrobe. Have a look around, and bra happy!
Our Bras We have a growing line of quality solution bras and bra accessories. Click here to view our full assortment or download our catalogue.
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Where to Buy Our products are available at a number of retailers Nation wide. Some of these stores include Maidenform® and Kohl's®.